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Since 2007, Rocket Ventures has assisted client companies in achieving over $300 million in sales revenue, investments, and other income. 
Rocket Ventures

The State of Ohio created the Entrepreneurial Signature Program in 2007 to diversify our economy by developing programs to specifically help early stage, technology-based, start-up companies accelerate the commercialization of their products or ideas. This program has been led by the Regional Growth Partnership and was supported by matching local Private dollars with State matching monies. The intended goal was to create new companies, high wage jobs in the region, increase out-of-state investments and generate wealth within every community.


Rocket Ventures was selected to be the conduit for this program in Northwest, Ohio and for the last 9 years has been a part of helping to start in excess of 100 companies which created over 500 new jobs and made investments in 21 companies. These companies were funded by $150,000,000 in outside investments and generated over $250,000,000 in sales revenue.


Starting in 2017 the State’s Entrepreneurial Program in this region will be led by another organization which is currently in negotiations with the State of Ohio to continue the work that has proven to be of great value to our region and to each and every entrepreneurial minded individual with unique business ideas.


We feel strongly that in the meantime you should have access to the key components of accelerating the commercialization of your idea and there are a number of organizations who specialize in commercialization activities in our region, most notably, Rocket Innovations which is located at the University of Toledo and the Small Business Development Center at the Toledo Regional Chamber of Commerce


Please feel free to take advantage of the services that are available in our region.